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Are you looking for some high-converting offers? Well you came to the right place :)

Peak Biome is extremely affiliate-driven which means as an affiliate you’ll get…

Payouts & Earnings

Most of our products have $2+ EPCs for the average affiliate, with many affiliates making as much as $4 EPC on certain funnels. And we're CONSTANTLY testing and improving our funnels!

Our offers are sent by the biggest players in the health industry such as…

  • Ed Scow/Mike Geary's managed list as well as their internal list...
  • Natural Health Sherpa...
  • BioTrust...
  • Zenith Labs...
  • Truegenics...
  • Mindful Health...
  • Critical Bench
  • Purality Health
  • Paleo Hacks
  • And so many others!

Audiences That Do Well

Our audience is men and women (primarily women like most health demos), ages 45+.

They are supplement buyers, looking to improve their various health problems with alternative medicine.

We've found that it works particularly well with audiences in the following spaces…

  • Gut health
  • Survival
  • Clean eating / healthy living
  • Food/nutrition blog
  • Anti - aging
  • Weight loss
  • Specific diets (keto, vegan,vegetarian, paleo, etc.)
  • Conservative, golfing, prepper, and political lists

Affiliate Terms

By promoting Peak Biome products, you hereby agree to the following terms of service. If an affiliate breaches the following terms they will be instantly banned/blacklisted from promoting our products.

Any affiliate caught breaking any of these terms will be blacklisted, and will not be eligible for reinstatement. And yes, we will be checking. Very frequently :)

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