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The ONE Crucial Nutrient That Can DOUBLE Your Fat-Burning Results When Properly Combined With Everlean

Imagine 30 days from now you didn’t just lose the amount of weight you dreamed of losing... 

… but DOUBLE that amount.

There’s one type of food that makes this absolutely possible, and that you’ve known your whole life...

But You’ve Never Truly Experienced This Nutrient’s Magical Ability To BLAST UGLY FAT, and Here’s Why...

What I’m talking about is protein... but NOT the kind you’ve probably been ‘fed’ your whole life.

Did you know that by simply increasing your intake of a special kind of protein, it could burn body fat at an accelerated rate?

In fact, one study from the Pennington Biomedical Research Center showed that eating a high protein diet burned 260 extra calories per day!*

It will also aid your digestion, make you feel FULL longer, and stop cravings dead in their tracks... within seconds.

That’s what protein is supposed to do... but here’s the problem:

Foods that are high in protein (chicken, beef, fish, etc.) often come with all kinds of dangerous hormones, chemicals, and even preservatives...

And protein supplements are notorious for using additives, artificial flavors and sweeteners, ‘filler’ ingredients, sugars, and other chemicals that take away the majority of their effectiveness.

They do it to maximize company profits by using cheap proteins and ingredients, with misleading and over-exaggerated claims in their marketing.

That’s why the majority of protein powders (especially the ones in your grocery store and health supplement shops) are basically useless...

When they should be burning off your fat like a flaming furnace, and building you lean, sexy, toned body like you wouldn’t believe!

In other words...

The RIGHT Kind of Protein Cranks Up Your Metabolism... While Others Often PREVENT You From Losing Weight!

New research regarding the importance of the RIGHT KIND of protein (and its role in weight loss) has been quickly covered up by the giant food industry.

The reason is simple...

They want you eating their processed, refined and genetically modified foods - foods completely stripped of their nutrients, pumped with chemicals and hormones, and covered with pesticides.

And now...

With the massive increase in chronic health problems like obesity, diabetes and heart disease, the demand for the truth has become too overwhelming.

People deserve answers...

... and the benefits of increasing your intake of high quality protein has become one of the hottest topics not only in the health & fitness world but in hundreds of clinical studies worldwide.

For example, a recent study published in The Official Journal of Societies for Experimental Biology showed that women who consumed twice the amount of this protein saw the greatest reduction in body fat... and they did this while maintaining their lean muscle.*


A study done by Johns Hopkins University published in the Journal of the American Medical Association showed that increasing intake of a specific kind of protein led to reduced blood pressure and lowered cholesterol and triglycerides.*

​Proving that not only does protein burn more fat... but it makes you healthier too.

So What Is the Right Kind Of Protein?

How can you know if a protein isn’t the type that’s been denatured and cheapened?

Honestly it’s rare to find one like that. But here’s how to tell right away that it may be the right kind...


The ingredients are completely derived from NATURAL, plant foods only.

We’re talking foods that are a product of NATURE rather than the product of a factory, or hormone-filled animals.

Think vegetables, fruits, seeds, and nuts. Even the natural sweeteners only come from healthy fruits (in moderation) to give you a wonderful taste, without destroying your body!


It MUST only contain organic ingredients.

It’s been estimated that over 30 million households now choose to buy organic food and products... and for good reason.

They’re making this choice because organic foods and products are produced without GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms).

Unfortunately, genetically engineered ingredients are found in 75% of non-organic U.S. processed food and food products... including protein powder!

What’s worse is that food products are NOT required to indicate whether they contain GMO ingredients or if the animals used to make the product consume GMO feed.

So the only way to know that you’re consuming non-GMO protein is by purchasing one that is certified ORGANIC.


It’s been thoroughly tested through a 3rd party to verify it is of the utmost highest quality.

Be very skeptical of protein vendors that claim they’ve done tests on their own product, without a peer review.

They can bend the rules, cut corners, and exaggerate test results with no one to hold them accountable! (Which of course they usually do.)

A great quality protein will always come with a risk-free guarantee without any fear... because it WORKS.

Keep reading and you’ll see how you can get the highest quality protein we’ve ever found on the market as a free trial.


You can essentially try it out for FREE!

If it doesn’t work for you, you don’t owe us (or anyone) a penny for trying it out.

Before I get to that let me explain...

Why ‘Whey’ Is NOT The Way To Go If You Want To Put Your Fat Loss Into Overdrive...

Protein powder is an easy, convenient, and safe source of protein.

However, let’s explore the 2 most popular types of protein, and why they may destroy any hope of losing ugly flab and getting a sexy lean body...


Whey Protein

Whey is by far the most common and popular protein on the market. What people don’t know is that it’s a dairy by-product left over from cheese production!

It can provide quick absorption, an array of amino acids, and good taste. But not all whey protein is the same. The qualities greatly differ.

Many companies add a laundry list of artificial and ‘filler’ ingredients that may do more harm than good, including artificial sweeteners, heavy metals, arsenic, lead and cadmium.

Not to mention, it’s dairy-based so if you’re even the slightest bit lactose intolerant (and the vast majority of people are)...

Whey protein can wreak havoc on your gut, leading to poor digestion, bloating, and even gas.

But here’s the real problem...

Whey comes from cow’s milk.

And most cows are filled with steroids and antibiotics, and fed GMO grains. So they produce milk that’s unhealthy, dangerous, and NOT friendly to your stomach, thighs, and hips!

Even if it is hormone free and GMO free, it still cannot beat the healthiest, fat-melting food on the planet – plants!


Soy Protein

Soy is derived from soybeans, which is a type of legume.

Legumes are naturally very high in protein while at the same time low in fat. To make soy protein, manufacturers grind up soybeans into a meal, which has no hulls or fat. The meal is then processed into a protein isolate.

Here’s the problem...

Years ago, it was discovered that soy protein decreased testosterone and increased estrogen, which is NOT good for fat loss and toning & tightening your body.

You absolutely need healthy levels of testosterone to burn off fat, and preserve your lean, toned, and tightened look... even if you’re a woman!

Although recent studies have come out to challenge some of those claims about soy, it’s still a controversial (and very risky) source of protein...

Just consider that over half of the soy harvested in the world is genetically modified, and is often sprayed with chemicals and pesticides.

The Next 3 Protein Types Are Unbeatable When Combined...

The thing that makes protein so great is that it’s a source of amino acids. And amino acids are the building blocks of lean tissue.

Amino acids can be broken down into two main categories: essential and non-essential...

Essential amino acids cannot be made by the body, and can only be sourced from food intake.

This is why both whey and soy are considered “complete” proteins. They both contain all nine of the essential amino acids your body needs.

However, do NOT be fooled...

Many protein vendors use this fact to discredit other plant-based, vegan proteins!

They’ll tell you that pea, hemp, and other plant/vegan proteins are inadequate or inferior in some way.

But as you’re about to see...

This is easily fixed by combining them together, along with other ingredients, to maximize amino acid benefits. Therefore they’re often just as good, if not even better.

In other words, don’t let the marketing messages of some protein vendors discourage you from using the following superior combination of plant-based proteins...

Pumpkin Seed Protein

Often overlooked, but rarely matched – pumpkin seeds not only deliver a generous helping of plant protein, but also vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and nutrients that promote full body health:

  • Magnesium for heart health – up to 80% of Americans are deficient in this vital mineral!
  • Zinc to boost immunity – protect against toxins and environmental hazards.
  • Healthy Omega-3 Fats for a strong mind.
  • Packed full of fiber to support regular digestion and cleanse the colon!

Pea Protein

Pea protein can offer a good alternative to someone looking for a vegan, plant-based option, especially if the person is allergic or sensitive to gluten or dairy.

Pea protein is low in the non-essential amino acids methionine and cysteine and is therefore usually combined with hemp or other proteins to easily balance it out.

Quinoa Protein

Quinoa is one of the world’s healthiest foods.


Quinoa is gluten-free, high in protein and one of the few plant foods that contains all nine essential amino acids!

It is also high in fiber, magnesium, B-vitamins, iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin E and various beneficial antioxidants.

A few studies on quinoa have shown it is:

  • A high protein grain alternative
  • A weapon in the fight against diabetes and hypertension
  • A natural appetite suppressant
  • An anti-aging miracle*

Unfortunately it’s overlooked as a superb source of protein... so good luck ever finding this inside protein supplements at your local store.

By Combining the 3 Very Best Plant (Vegan) Proteins... You Get the Highest Quality Protein On Earth To Turbo-Boost Fat Loss and Build A Sexy, Toned Body!

When you combine proteins that are completely safe to take, absolutely great for your overall health, and don’t come with any of the dangers or pitfalls of whey or soy (the 2 most heavily marketed proteins)...

You get the best of everything.

And by having the proteins (and all other ingredients) be 100% natural and ORGANIC...

You now have the magic formula for the very BEST protein you can ever get your hands on to slim down and get lean in record time.

Organic vegan (plant based) protein powder is the cleanest, healthiest, and most effective form of protein powder to burn off fat.

By combining organic hemp, organic pea, and organic quinoa proteins, and only using the purest, most natural ingredients to go along with them...

You get a protein blend that does WONDERS in achieving your dream body and incredible health... at amazing speed.

And here’s the good news...

We FINALLY Found One Protein Supplement That Does All This To Help You Get Even BETTER Results While Taking Everlean!

The great news is there IS a protein available that...

  • Is completely plant based, so it doesn’t have the drawbacks whey or soy proteins come with

  • Uses all-natural food ingredients only

  • Is 100% certified organic

  • Is void of any artificial flavors or sweeteners

  • Isn’t loaded with unhealthy sugars like other supplements

  • Is completely soy, dairy, and gluten-free

  • 3rd party tested, so it’s been peer reviewed for purity, top quality, and freshness

  • Tastes INCREDIBLY good (dessert-like!)

And it goes beyond all that to make it MORE than just a protein supplement. It’s actually a complete meal replacement.

Introducing Organifi Complete Protein Meal Replacement Shake!

This all-in-one shake is the quickest way to get your protein AND vitamins—all in one delicious, filling drink!

It’s the best tasting, 100% plant-based, complete protein drink with whole food VITAMINS and digestive enzymes as well.

Which means it goes the extra mile to make sure you don’t feel bloated, or have digestion problems like vast majority of protein powders end up leaving you with!

Not to mention, the whole food vitamins make Organifi Complete Protein...

GREAT For Supporting Your
Immune System & Digestive Health 

The vitamin-C, vitamin-E, vitamin-B6, and vitamin A inside it are all harvested from real food sources.

That’s why you’ll feel the nutrients absorb faster, and get an instant immune system upgrade.


The digestive enzyme blend will soothe your belly, while increasing your absorption of nutrients.

Other protein drinks and meal replacements leave you feeling bloated or with digestion issues. Organifi Complete Protein was shaped to alleviate that problem.

For that reason it’s free of dairy, soy, and gluten. This ensures easy digestion and soothing comfort after each drink!

Simply put, it’s a high protein drink that is extremely quick and easy to make. And it tastes delicious, with a pleasing texture.

Plus It Comes With 30 Full, Hearty Servings!

Shortchanging is another common practice in the protein industry... unfortunately.

You buy something you’re super excited about… test it out and love it… 

Before you know it, you’re out of supply within just a few weeks. 

Then you read the label and realize it was 15-22 servings, not 30.

That’s how they get you!

Organifi Complete Protein is a FULL 30 servings. That way it lasts you an entire month if you’re taking 1 serving a day.

Organifi Has Helped These People
Lose A Lot Of Weight!

“Finally... 30 lbs GONE!”

“From a 16 to an 8!”

"I was able to lose 35 pounds...

My life is transformed!"

So How Much Is It?

You’d think a protein of this quality would cost you quite a bit, especially since the developers at Organifi didn’t cut any corners in developing the best, all-natural, organic meal replacement protein.

And the truth is, it’s a little more pricey than lower quality proteins - for all the reasons you just read about.

But I have good news…

Since I haven’t yet created my own protein powder, and use Organifi myself on an almost daily basis, the wonderful folks over at Organifi agreed to let our community enjoy awesomely reduced price, because they love rewarding action takers just like we do!

That’s why, just for today and while you’re still on this page...

You Can Get It As Low As
$1.66 Per Serving (50% Off)...!

If I told you that in order to double the speed of your progress and absolutely get the body and health of your dreams, all you had to do was invest just $1.66 a day...

Wouldn’t you do it?

Listen, I know how challenging it is to lose weight... you’ll NEED all the help you can get! That’s why if you order two bottles today, I’m sending you these bonuses...

That’s why if you order at least two bottles I’m sending you a copy of Superfoods That Target Fat (also a $27 book) for FREE!

Here’s what’s inside waiting for you:

  • Which organs in the body contribute to weight loss and how to support them for reliable metabolic increases, day after day. See page 2.

  • 6 amazing fat-loss recipes! No need for “cheat meals” and no guilt when eating these tasty treats. Including fat loss ice-cream. YES, you read that correctly: fat loss ice-cream! These taste SO GOOD you won’t believe they came from a fat loss book! See pages 12, 13, & 14.

  • The secret to balancing hormones with special superfoods. No need for dangerous pills or hormone replacement therapy! See page 3.

  • PLUS many more easy superfood fat loss “hacks” you can start using immediately.

Also when you order at least two bottles of Organifi Protein I’m giving you a very useful smoothie creation guide. It’s called...

10 Metabolism

Boosting Smoothies!

Inside you’ll discover 10 yummy smoothies specifically designed to trigger a volcanic eruption of calorie burning metabolic power!

You’ll find the exact recipe and the simple steps to balancing your hormones and firing up your sluggish metabolism.

These are HEALTHY, DELICIOUS, and SIMPLE to make.

But you aren't just getting smoothie recipes!

Inside you'll also discover...

  • The 3 plant-based proteins that force a slow metabolism to CLICK ON. 100% of clients agree - this is like watching a dormant volcano suddenly ERUPT with calorie burning power! - see page 6

  • #1 reason the “Alpha Zone” is the absolute fastest way to get that delicious, sexy body you’ve always wanted… but have struggled and fought to get for too long. - see page 2

  • The 5 scientific reasons why these smoothies get your hormones back into balance: the first step to burning abdominal fat! - see pages 15,16,17

You’ll LOVE these smoothies. They’re delicious, easy to make, healthy, and help you trim fat like nothing else I’ve ever seen.

On top of all that, I want to make this risk-free for you.

That’s why you’ll be protected by Organifi’s...

60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Try out Organifi Complete Protein for a full 60 days, without risking a single penny of your money. If you’re unhappy for any reason at all, return the container even if it’s empty... and they’ll give you back every penny! No questions asked.

We’re so confident you’re going to love the health boosting, fat melting, body tightening results (plus the incredible dessert-like taste)...

We have no problem offering such a guarantee.

We know you’ll love it!

So all you have to do is click the order link below and secure your order of the Organifi Complete Protein right now, and while this discounted offer is still valid.

I do have to point out that right now, the only place you can get this at an amazing discount is through our special order link below.

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So grab your discounted Organifi Complete Protein meal replacement right now at the lowest price available.


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*Allergen Note: Contains NO gluten, dairy, corn, sucrose, dextrose, soy, egg, or peanuts.

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